Google’s new search feature in 2022 introduces a new and enhanced manner of displaying results that include topics that are fast evolving along with the labels that are often used. This helps to provide searchers with a better idea of whether or not they can trust Google’s search results.

Why does Google provide frequent updates?

Google is the most widely used search engine in today’s digital world for it is the king of search engines because it has a huge influence on webmasters and how websites are built. When Google indicates its preference for websites that update often, it’s a clear indication that you should update your website as frequently as possible. The “Googlebot,” which crawls the web, is continually looking for new and updated web pages, which gets subsequently added to the Google index. You will have a better chance of Google, ranking your site higher with each update if you update your content frequently with credible and helpful information.

What is Google’s new search feature in 2022 which is going to be launched soon?

What is Google’s new search feature in 2022 which is going to be launched soon?

Google’s new search feature in 2022 is going to launch two new features which aim at assisting US-based and English-language searchers in evaluating the information found in Google Search by verifying the sources and claims of those articles in seconds. One of the new search features is the inclusion of a highly referenced label in the Top Stories results, and the other is the enhancement of this feature’s relevance with rapidly changing sources.

Highly Cited Label in Google’s new search feature in 2022

Google will soon launch a new highly cited label that will display on Top Stories within Google’s mobile search results for US-based and English language search results. This feature will assist the users in identifying the stories that have been widely mentioned by other news sources or not. 

According to Google, this will help to elevate the original reporting, which it originally mentioned in 2019 as an area where it wanted to enhance. This will reassure the searchers whether the story has been cited by a number of other journalists and is likely to include unique and useful information that you can trust. Google wishes to allow users to find the “most helpful or relevant information for a news piece in a true statement” because this label is a continuation of the company’s efforts for the fact check explorer.

What is the procedure for obtaining this label?

To obtain this label then It’s all about who gets linked across the web and which stories receive the most citations, according to Google.

About the search result which is improved with a rapidly evolving topic in Google’s new search feature in 2022

The about this result feature is also being used by Google to inform searchers of potential concerns with search results relating to a topic or breaking news story that is rapidly changing. Because the topic is fast-moving, Google will provide a notice that the search results for a query may change. This complements Google’s about this result feature, which displays a warning that says “it appears and its results are changing quickly” for rapidly evolving topics.

Google then provides instructions on how to verify the source of the result, as well as an invitation to return after a few hours when Google has figured out what is best to rank for those queries. Google is giving information, as well as a link to a new resource page with recommended practices for determining its content reliability. In addition, Google reminds the searcher that they can examine whether a source is reliable on a given issue or return later when more information is available.

Why should we be concerned?

Both of these labels and attributes may have an impact on how Google displays your site in search results. A story with a “highly cited label” will almost certainly have a greater click-through rate than one without. Also, if you’re reporting breaking news on a topic, there’s a risk you’ll get less traffic if Google displays a message telling searchers to return later. Therefore, Google’s new search feature in 2022 will have a direct impact on your site’s traffic, so be aware of these features and how they may affect your site. 

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