Google Marketing Live has announced the 16 upgrades and additions to Google Ads. These upgrades mostly focus on video ad enhancements, automation advancements, and a sneak preview of future technologies. Here’s all you need to know about this year’s Google Marketing Live conference’s noteworthy announcements.

The 16 new Announcements of Google Marketing Live

Google Marketing Live 2022's 16 new Announcements

Updates on Video Ads

YouTube Shorts Gets More Ads

On YouTube Shorts, video action campaigns, and app campaigns are now available. Product feeds will be launched on YouTube Shorts later this year, making video advertising more shippable.

Discover Google displays Video Ads

Google is working on incorporating short video advertising to Discover that would blend in with the organic content.

Display & Video 360 Connected TV Campaigns

You’ll soon be able to use Display & Video 360 to execute connected TV campaigns across YouTube and other ad-supported connected TV apps to reach affinity, in-market, and demographic audiences.

 Upgrades in Automation

Performance Max Campaigns

Throughout the rest of the year, Performance Max campaigns will receive a series of improvements which are:

  • A/B testings.
  • Support for campaign administration in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app.
  • The ability to optimize revenues for in-store.
  • Performance metrics such as attribution, audience, and auction insights are now available.
  • Score and suggestions for optimization.

Insights Page Updates

In the next few months, Google will add three new reports to the Insights Page that are:

  • Attribution Insights: Analyze how your advertising interacts across Google surfaces.
  • Budget Insights: Look for innovative ways to improve your budget.
  • Audience Insights: Show how your client groups are driving campaign results.

Responsive Search Ads Get a Tweak

Later this year, Google will begin rolling out automatically created assets to responsive search ads, with the goal of improved ad relevancy. This functionality automatically creates assets using content from landing pages and existing ad units. If you choose to opt-in, Google Ads will show the best-performing combination of given assets and assets developed automatically.

Responsive Display Ads gets Mobile-First Layouts

You can now showcase your brand on full-screen vertical ad inventory with all-new mobile-first layouts. In addition, based on your product feed, Google is delivering scrollable advertising and videos.

Asset Library has been completely redesigned.

All of your digital creative assets can be stored in a new account-level Asset Library. You’ll soon be able to make video advertising with YouTube-optimized designs.

Optimization Score in Expansion

The Optimization Score for Google Ads is growing to cover all campaign types for marketers worldwide.

Features that look ahead

Google has launched a set of advertising features aimed at building “resilience for the future of marketing,” according to the business. These characteristics include:

  • Conversion Lift Tests: Measure incremental conversions depending on users and geography.
  • Search Lift Tests: Measure the impact of your YouTube campaigns on driving organic Google and YouTube searches.
  • Google Tag: The global site tag will be renamed Google Tag and modified to include new features.
  • My Advertising Center: Users will be able to choose whether or not they wish to see certain types of adverts.

Final Thoughts

Let summarize the important announcements made during Google Marketing Live are:

  1. YouTube Shorts will feature video action and app marketing.
  2. YouTube Shorts is getting product feeds.
  3. Discover is getting video advertising.
  4. Campaigns from connected TV are getting into Display & Video 360.
  5. Performance Max is getting A/B testing.
  6. Support for campaign administration in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app has been enhanced.
  7. Ability to optimize in-store sales campaigns.
  8. Performance metrics such as attribution, audience, and auction insights are now available.
  9. All campaign categories will receive an optimization score.
  10. Reports from New Insights.
  11. Assets developed automatically are coming to responsive search advertisements.
  12. Responsive display advertisements will get a mobile-first design.
  13. New asset library for each account.
  14. Conversion Lift and Search tests
  15. The Google tag will replace the global site tag.
  16. My Ad Center will provide people control over the advertisements they see.

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