Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are at the forefront of attention in Data Science technology, which is quickly redefining the role of information technology in society and all economic sectors. Data science technology, on the other hand, is much broader, encompassing data extraction, data preparation, data exploration, data transformation, storage and retrieval, computing infrastructures, other types of mining and learning, presentation of explanations and predictions, and exploitation of results while taking ethical, social, legal, and business considerations into account. This article focuses on the increasing relevance of data-driven learning, the transfer of tasks from humans to robots, and the dangers of data science.

imstiqa explains Leading the way in SEO with Data Science technology

How can marketers obtain a better understanding of the confluence of SEO and data science technology?

Marketers now have access to more data than ever before, and getting to the heart of it is never difficult. There was a period when we were forced to concentrate solely on technology infrastructure and engineering. And an answer to the question of “how can we leverage data science technology to accomplish our organizational goals?” created more customer experiences.

Today, the customer experience is more often than not initiated by a search query. In this series, we’ve been speaking with industry experts on how rising technologies, changing consumer behaviors, and ever-changing search algorithms are shaping the future of SEO. In the current context, The Fusion Of SEO & Data Science Technology will prosper and lead a data-driven firm.

What do you think the integration of SEO and data science technology developments will be like in 2022 for major corporate SEO?

The requirement for technical SEO will continue to grow as large rollouts such as the Page Experience upgrade and Core Web Vitals are implemented. Nowadays, the most significant trend and current opportunity revolve around the fusion of data science with SEO. Furthermore, the IDC predicts that global data would reach 175 zettabytes by 2025. With the exponential growth of data, people will be unable to analyze it unless they are skilled in machine learning and data sciences, which will be critical in providing SEOs with more innovative, faster, and actionable data-driven insights. This is the SEO of the future.

What do you think the integration of SEO and data science technology developments will be like in 2022 for major corporate SEO?

When it comes to SEO duties like research, on-site analysis, and user intent modeling, all of them generate a lot of data. Simultaneously, if you consider how many SEO activities overlap with those of a data scientist, you can find more commonalities, such as:

  • By merging Business Insights with forecasting, future trends may be predicted.
  • To find new market opportunities and detect patterns and shifts, conduct research.
  • Understanding complex datasets, extracting insights and automating the process.
  • Creating visualizations and dashboards based on a variety of data sources.
  • Demands for website functionality are increasing, and SEO requirements are growing more sophisticated.

Simultaneously, search engines’ interactions with websites are becoming more intelligent. As a result, the ability to gather, analyze, and extract insights from huge datasets is required. This is especially true in a business setting, where SEOs use data science methodologies and tools to evaluate search data and provide insights. This can be accomplished by statistical analysis, full API access to datasets, Big Data-specific data processing methods, or the ability to experiment with how search data is collected. The capabilities of data science infrastructure must be at the core of the SEO platforms of the future.

Exploring Blockchain And Decentralized Technology Worlds

Marketers will have to put more effort into customization. Because we’re talking about a decentralized web, the customer is no longer taken by the highest ad bidder. Instead, the user regains control, and websites must earn the customer’s trust by providing better, organized data about their business and providing the greatest content.

Exploring Blockchain And Decentralized Technology Worlds

The future holds many possibilities, but right now in data science technologies, we’re seeing a beta version of the blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. Over the next five to ten years, it will mature, and huge disruptions will occur. It’s similar to the early days of the mobile web with WAP or online grocery shopping with Webvan in the late 1990s. The concepts were innovative, yet they were a little ahead of their time. These trends will continue, but they will have to mature.

  • SEO’s essential principles and ethos will remain unchanged.
  • To win customers, every firm must enhance its internet presence.
  • Because the playing field will be even, the competition will heat up.
  • Because the web continues to optimize, principles like E-A-T and authority will grow more prominent.


If you had questioned a search engine optimization specialist about SEO and its value a few years ago, they might have looked at you puzzled. They will, however, understand what SEO is and how vital it is now. SERP analysis and technical SEO, in particular, have been undervalued. With the breakthrough in data science technology, we are seeing a move to the mainstream, especially since the pandemic emphasized the relevance and demand for SEO.

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