A new update in Google Business Profile permits you to create automated responses to commonly asked customer queries. When someone messages your company using your Google Business Profile, you’ll propose questions for them to ask using this tool. It works like a chatbot for customer care and operates on company websites.

Additionally, you can program automated responses to queries in the manner of a chatbot. Stefan Somborac, a specialist in SEO, discovered this feature and tweeted about it:

Although there has been no official statement regarding the addition of automatic FAQs for Google Business Profiles, I was able to verify the new feature by using the Wayback Machine to look up this help page. Cache copies of the page from last month don’t contain the FAQs section, indicating that the launch has place recently. More information about automatic FAQ setup for your company and how they function can be found here.

What is the new update in Google Business Profile in responses?

How Do You Configure Automated FAQs update in Google Business Profile?

Businesses can now provide a list of questions that customers can choose from when starting a chat through your Google profile. Each inquiry can have a customized response that is automatically sent, saving the consumer from having to wait for a response. If you discover that your clients frequently ask the same questions, this is a great chance to cut down on time and provide better customer service.

This update in Google Business Profile can also be used to direct visitors away from Google and toward your website. Feel free to point clients to a page on your website that addresses their inquiries since responses can include links.

Follow these steps to enable automatic FAQs for your Google Business Profile:

  1. Use a web browser to search for “my business” in Google.
  2. Select Customers, followed by Messages.
  3. Select Menu, Message Settings, and then Manage frequently asked questions.
  4. Click +Add a question

Ten questions can be created for each business profile. Maximum character limits for questions and responses are 40 and 500, respectively.