81 percent of customers use Google as their primary source of business reviews before making a purchase. Customers have authority over the content they submit in their reviews, but businesses do not. Even if your company provides excellent customer service, one disgruntled client can result in a negative review. Businesses must keep a close eye on their Google reviews and ensure that fraudulent reviews are removed quickly. We’ll go over when is it appropriate to delete google review, what to do if you can’t delete bad reviews, and how to flag a review for removal in this post.

When Is It Appropriate To Delete Google Review and How to Do it?

When Is It Appropriate To Delete Google Review?

Not all unfavorable reviews about your company are eligible for removal. You can’t ask Google to erase a review if a client had a bad experience with your business and expressed their dissatisfaction in the form of a review. Instead, if a review breaches Google’s policies, it will be removed. Fortunately for businesses, Google takes its review removal process seriously, and it has a list of items that it considers undesirable.

“We don’t allow users to submit content that harasses other people or businesses, or encourages others to harass others,” Google says. In addition, hate speech or objectionable information in a review is not tolerated. Google will also remove reviews that contain personal information such as credit card numbers, and other sensitive information.

Deceptive content

Deceptive content is defined as content that is not based on a true experience or does not appropriately represent your place or product. Impersonation, disinformation, or misrepresentation in Google’s review can all be considered deceptive.

Mature Content

Any mature negative content that contains profanity, is sexually explicit, has adult themes, or includes violence will be removed by Google.

Regulated, dangerous, and illegal 

Google may remove content that contains a call to action to items or services that may be subject to local regulatory restrictions, or content that promotes risky activities. This also covers any unsuitable content that a child should not be exposed to.

Information Quality seems to be appropriate to delete google review

Review content should be “based on your experience or inquiries regarding encounters at a specific location,” according to Google’s content guidelines. Political content, a general rant, information about COVID-19, and other types of content are prohibited.

To file a request for removal, your online reviews must include one of the factors listed above. If any of the aforementioned are present in your review, it is appropriate and suggested that you request that Google remove the review.

What Is A Google Review And How Do I Get One?

A Google review can help your business highlight what current and potential customers think about your brand. These reviews appear in Google Search and Maps under your Google Business Profile. Customers can post one to five-star ratings on Google reviews using a star ranking system. A five-star review indicates that a customer was extremely pleased and, on the other hand, a one-star review indicates that a customer had a bad experience with your company. On a Google Business Profile, click the star rating and view the number of reviews the business has gotten. Reviewers can be sorted by most relevant, newest, highest rating, and lowest rating.

Is It appropriate to delete Google Review On Your Own?

Businesses can’t erase reviews on their Google Business Profile since Google doesn’t allow it. A business or the individual who wrote the review can ask Google to remove an inappropriate review, or the person who wrote the review can delete it. Businesses can report a negative review to Google Maps or Google Search for removal.¬†

How to Flag a Google Maps Review

  • On your PC, launch Google Maps.
  • Find Your Google Business Profile.
  • Locate the review you’d like to mark as spam.
  • Click to report it as inappropriate.

How To Flag A Review In Google Search?

  • Go to Google on your PC.
  • Find Your Google Business Profile.
  • Select Google Reviews from the drop-down menu.
  • Locate the review you’d like to mark as spam.
  • Review the report by clicking more.
  • Then choose the type of violation you’d like to file a report about.

How to Mark a Review as Unfavorable in Your Account

  • Sign in to your Google Business Profile on your computer.
  • Select the review you’d like to comment on.
  • For a single company: Open the Google Business Profile that you want to edit. Click Reviews in the menu on the left.
  • For a variety of businesses: Select Manage reviews from the left menu. Then select a location group from the drop-down menu.
  • If you want to flag, click more, or flag as inappropriate on the review.

Google also takes its own review security measures, such as automatically recognizing spam or fraudulent reviews and eliminating them. “These measures help improve people’s Google experiences and ensure the reviews they read are authentic, relevant, and valuable”. When you mark a review for removal on your Google Business Profile, Google warns that it may take several days for the review to be removed.

What Should I Do While Waiting For A Google Review To Be Removed?

Your customer service department must reply to all reviews, whether they are positive or bad. Responding to reviews demonstrates to others that you care about your customers’ experiences and want to give them the finest possible service. Develop a thoughtful answer to every review you receive, particularly to unfavorable customer evaluations, and respond as soon as feasible. This holds even while you wait for Google to remove spam reviews.


Your Google Business Profile serves as a digital storefront for your company. It also allows you to immediately share feedback from your clients through reviews. As a result, you can flag any reviews that violate Google’s review regulations to keep your overall review high. 

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