Zoho Corporation has launched a new marketing platform, Zoho Marketing Plus, to help businesses increase the efficiency of their digital marketing efforts. According to the leading global technology company, this application will bring together marketing activities such as campaign ideation, creation, execution, management, and measurement, giving stakeholders across the entire marketing organization a single, shared view of critical data for improved collaboration and results. It will provide marketing executives with a better understanding of customer preferences and behaviors. It allows them to create dynamic, high-value customer experiences that increase brand loyalty and satisfaction.

CMOs want their teams to use technology to acquire consumer insights that benefit both the company and the customers. The platform synchronizes interaction data through automation and business intelligence to enable marketing teams better understand customers, make more wise decisions, and ultimately drive more significant results, growth, and revenue.

Zoho Launches Zoho Marketing Plus to Boost the Efficiency of Digital Marketing Strategies

How does Zoho Marketing Plus boost Digital Marketing Efficiency?

The Zoho Marketing Plus comes with integrated capabilities assisting digital marketers in achieving better results by streamlining operations. It improves collaboration, sharing assets, and maintaining consistent data.

“Consumers and digital marketing are evolving at a tremendous speed, and marketers are battling to keep up”. Multiple campaigns, channels, client profiles, data, and ROI are getting increasingly challenging to manage, according to Hyther Nizam, Zoho’s President for MEA.

“The complexity of data and personalization increases the pressure on marketers and CMOs to deliver effective campaigns and revenue”. Zoho Marketing Plus optimizes productivity and teamwork by removing inefficiencies and confusion caused by several fragmented solutions. It helps marketers stay flexible and collaborative in the face of changing client expectations.  Marketers deliver creative campaigns to promote genuine interactions between the brand and customers when they aren’t weighed down by operations,” Nizam added.

It was discovered that the unified platform enables marketing teams to deliver more personalized journeys to end customers. It improves collaboration, streamlining marketing project management, unified digital brand asset creation, strong marketing automation capabilities, omnichannel engagement, supported integrations, and accurate and real-time measurement.

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