Google has upgraded google ad manager with eight new features and new capabilities that will be available soon. Integration with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), optimized pricing, and more are among the most recent changes. In addition, Google provides details on four upcoming Ad Manager improvements. Here are the specifics on everything Google Ad Manager with eight new features provided this week, as well as what’s coming up shortly.

What’s New about Google Ad manager with eight new features?

google ad manager
google ad manager

As of this week, the following enhancements deliver the google ad manager with eight new features:

  • TTL extension for Publisher Provided Identifiers: The time-to-live for Publisher Provided Identifiers has been increased from 90 to 180 days.
  • Price Optimisation: Increase the auction floor prices to more appropriately reflect the worth of your inventory. This option is turned on by default.
  • Rebranding Facebook: To match the company’s branding, ‘Facebook’ is replaced with ‘Meta’ across Ad Manager.
  • Blocking ad experiences: Allow video advertisements is now a block called ‘Block non-instream video ads,’ which replaces ‘Allow video ads.’
  • Completed SupplyChain Object: Google has completed the SupplyChain Object for MCM Manage Inventory publishers.
  • Google Analytics 4 integration: GA4 integration with Google Ad Manager for web data is now available in open beta.
  • Reason for bid rejection: In both reporting and data transmission, the ‘Bid rejection reason’ has been given more granularity.
  • WebView API for advertisements: WebView API for Ads is now available to assist app developers in taking advantage of WebView content’s monetization potential.

Google Ad Manager will be updated soon.

Users of Google Ad Manager should expect the following upgrades to arrive soon:

  • For mobile app display inventory in Ad Manager, this means transitioning from a proprietary viewability measuring technique to using the Open Measurement (OM) SDK.
  • For Connected TV (CTV) inventory, buyers will shortly start enforcing the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard for inventory transparency using app-ads.txt.
  • Google is transitioning queries from the deprecated ‘Ad Exchange Historical’ report type to the ‘Historical’ report type.

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