LinkedIn has released a free product called Business Manager. It is aimed to make B2B marketers’ marketing efforts easier and more effective.

LinkedIn Business Manager combines Campaign Manager and LinkedIn Pages functionalities into a single dashboard. Large firms can use this to manage all of their LinkedIn activity in one place. It provides a number of convenience features, such as the ability to share audiences for ad campaigns across accounts.

LinkedIn is launching LinkedIn Business Manager a free tool for Business-to-Business Professionals

It’s described this way on LinkedIn:

“LinkedIn Business Manager is a platform that will make ad accounts, Pages, and businesses easier to operate at large firms and agencies“.

Here are some of the most exciting new features coming to the Business Manager, as well as when the tool will be accessible.

What Is the Role of LinkedIn Business Manager?

For B2B the following features play a vital role:

  • Organize Everything: In one area, you can access Business Manager, Campaign Manager, and Pages.
  • Save time on administrative activities by changing settings across accounts with a single change.
  • How to Find Buyers: Matched Audiences can be shared and updated across all of your ad accounts.

“As the platform expands, it will play a major part in how you unearth strategic insights that make marketing at scale more efficient,” LinkedIn writes in a blog post, hinting at the likelihood that this tool will grow over time with more capabilities.

When is LinkedIn Business Manager going to be released?

The newly launched Business Manager is now in an early test phase with a restricted group of commercial customers. It will be made available to enterprises all over the world ‘in the coming weeks.’

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