The highlights and drawbacks of a product are listed in the search snippet as Google upgrades results for product review pages. Structured data is also included in this version, but it’s not necessary for the new snippets. Google says it will attempt to automatically assemble the advantages and disadvantages of structured data into the snippets, despite the new pros and drawbacks being advised.

Here are the modifications and guidelines for adding structured data manually to your product review pages.

Google is now showing more detailed snippets for product review pages that include new lines of text outlining advantages and disadvantages. Google claims in a blog post:

“Our research has shown that consumers frequently refer to categories of pros and cons in product reviews when deciding which products to buy. Google Search may emphasise advantages and disadvantages in the product review snippet in search results due of their significance to users”.

These fresh snippets can be generated by Google automatically as long as the data is present on the page somewhere. By adding positives and negatives structured data to your product review sites, you can help Google understand the information.

Pros and Cons of New Structured Data

Google is adding a new kind of structured data along with the upgrade to the search snippets for product reviews. Even if it’s not required, it’s always advised to use Google-supported structured data wherever it’s feasible. Add the positiveNotes and/or negativeNotes properties to your nested product review to manually inform Google of the advantages and disadvantages of an editorial product review.

To add advantages and disadvantages to structured data, you must adhere to the following rules:

Only editorial product review pages—not merchant product pages or customer product reviews—are currently qualified to display the pros and disadvantages in Search.

At least two statements regarding the product are required. Any number of positive and/or negative remarks are acceptable. Users on the website must be able to see the benefits and drawbacks.