Starting on October 1, 2022, Facebook will now not permit users to carry live shopping on Facebook, per a blog post by Meta. It will instead transfer its focus to Reels. Meta’s short-form video product is accessible on both Facebook and Instagram, citing users’ shifting preference for short-form videos as the motivating cause.

In an effort to simplify online buying and give shops of all stripes the tools they need to expand their companies, Facebook introduced live shopping on Facebook in August 2020. It offered an interactive opportunity to interact with viewers and sell products. eCommerce retailers won’t be able to make product playlists or tag products, but the Facebook Live feature will still be accessible. Retailers will need to find additional channels for selling goods on Facebook, such as buying display ads and developing collections. Instagram’s live shopping feature won’t be impacted.

Live shopping on Facebook will end on October 1

Moving the attention of live shopping on Facebook to Short Videos by Meta

To counter TikTok, Meta has increased investment in its Reels product, which enables seamless video sharing between the two main platforms of the business. Instagram users first reacted negatively to the video feature, but it has grown in popularity. As a result, businesses now have the chance to use videos to categorize products, provide calls to action, and interact with their target market.

In the blog post, Meta says, “Try experimenting with Reels and Reels advertisements on Facebook and Instagram if you want to reach and engage people with video.” To facilitate more thorough exploration and selection, you can also tag products in Reels on Instagram. By enabling sellers and producers to use paid adverts to promote their material, Meta has also boosted the possibility that Reels will bring in money for the business.