Progession of React Native Development


React Native is an open-source UI software framework enabling developers to use it with native platform capabilities to develop virtual reality applications. This revolutionary cross-platform app development framework is becoming more popular and popular because of the high usage of React-Native in mobile app development

Journey of react native app development

Journey of React Native App Development

In 2013, React Native originated as a Facebook internal summer hackathon project. The first preview of React Native 1 was released in 2015, after a two-year wait. Following the initial release in January 2015, Facebook formally announced React Native during the F8 conference in March 2015.

Because it is funded by Facebook, the framework is older than Flutter and has a larger developer community. In addition, the social media platform behemoth is working on a number of other React Native enhancements which are:

  • React native fabric which is a re-designing and architecture user interface layer. 
  • Lean core assists in reducing the size of the mobile application. 
  • Turbo modules enhance the handling of the other native modules with the backing of Facebook.

Important facts about React Native app development

1. You don’t have to make two different apps anymore (for iOS and Android)

2. React Native apps are nearly indistinguishable from native apps.

3. You have a large number of libraries to pick from when it comes to adding native elements.

4. It is low-cost to develop.

5. It’s popular among clients

6. It is simple and comfortable to develop.

7. It’s got a fantastic community.

8. It’s ideal for most valuable players (MVPs).

9. It’s ideal for simple applications.

10. With React Native, you can smoothly transition from web development to hybrid development.

How React-Native attracts Startups

How React Native Attracts Startups

1. Reduced and accelerated time-to-market

2. A single source of code

3. App Development for Multiple Platforms

4. Cost-Efficiency and Time-Efficiency

5. Offers a fantastic user interface and user experience (UI/UX).

6. Components that can be reused

7. Developers’ Availability

8. Third-party plugins are supported.

9. Increased Stability and Safety

10. Open Source Community

When should you not use React Native when creating an App?

  • User interfaces that are difficult to use
  • Battery monitors like building utilities.
  • Apps designed exclusively for a single operating system and requires a lot of computation
  • An issue with the abstraction layer
  • Resources from Third Parties
  • Efforts in testing and implementation
  • Concerns about the architecture
  • Support from the community


React-native follows the same concepts as react, with the exception that it does not change the DOM, which runs in the background on the end device and connects with the native platform via serialized data via an asynchronous and batched bridge.

The syntax of React native styling is comparable to CSS, and it allows developers to write native code in a variety of languages, making it more versatile. React native for Windows and macOS is even built and maintained by Microsoft.

React Native App Development Services

With a single-point agenda, the react native app development team creates react native apps from the ground up or integrates the framework into your current application.

App Development With React Native 

Our end-to-end react native mobile app development process is designed to meet your full-cycle development demands, from design to development to testing and development, guaranteeing that your product sets a benchmark for excellent app performance in your industry.

React Native Migration

React native migraine helps in migrating current iOS or Android applications into a React Native application which ensures that our users’ performance remains glitch-free as we take your app to other mobile platforms, web, and smart devices.

React Native Support & Maintenance

React Native app development is a continual process. Every new operating system version and design upgrade will necessitate an upgrade to your program. Our React Native app developers recognize the value of regular updates and provide you with ongoing support and maintenance long after the app has been released.


React Native app development is very productive and simple to set up. Furthermore, it improves the app’s overall productivity. As a result, the business organization must first identify its goal.  Only after that, they should proceed with React Native app development. If you’re still unsure, you can always seek advice from our React Native app developers at