• Introduction of custom web development
  • Guidance to enrich your web design
  • Is custom web development beneficial for business
  • Importance of custom web development
  • When to customise your website
  • How web development deals with customer support
  • Conclusion

Introduction of custom web development

Custom web development is a unique method for creating features like layout, fonts and colours to enhance your brand online. It gives a unique competition advantage because there are many artistic students to whom you can go and buy a web design but only a customised good web development cannot be duplicated by any others. 

Guidance to enrich your web design

Develop your website with tempting key features to deliver a great website design with the following factors:


Creating a professional web page not only allows your users to buy your services and goods, but it also offers you a sense of reliability to develop an emotional connection among the visitors and brand with a better connection.

a). Use human pictures

According to some research when we use images of your team on the about page who work behind your brand it helps to make an interaction with the users to get connected easier.

b). Share a story

Create a story for your product and it can be a silly or an inspirational one which will develop a new reason for customers to understand and explore your site even more.


Create a simple website with the information and graphics if necessary, where customers achieve the relevant data from your website. Implement some typefaces which are highly legible and contrast with the background colour. Use different colours to design your web pages with a maximum of five colours that can be either plus or minus two. 

Design a website like reading a book with the most important part at the top followed by adding some snippets of information such as product categories, headlines and announcements that attracts the visitor to complete their action naturally and delightfully.


A site’s navigation is to enable how the visitor or the customer move through and explore the entire website which has to be effortless and instinctive to use instead of making the visitor feel irritated and confused while navigating.


Responsiveness is the key to success for your website.  At present, as mobile usage has increased, it is important to design your website with a responsive design that fits in different screen resolutions on different devices which does not affect the user experience. You can also do the following changes to defeat the traffic churn:

  • Optimise every image to increase page load speed
  • Disable multimedia’s auto-play
  • Use more white space to speed loading time

Is custom web development beneficial for business

To start a business online, the first thing which attracts the visitors is the company website’s look and design followed by its functionality, loading time of the features and scalability of the site that makes you successful throughout the internet. But the greatest among these to achieve success in your business is to incorporate custom web development, which helps you to improve your business visibility and exclusivity by reducing the load times. It ensures a high site security along with scalability and flexibility.

The ability and freedom to optimise your business is one of the important reasons to customise your website because it is not only about marketing and branding but to create a customer journey that fits best for your business and customers.

Importance of custom web development

For a successful online presence, it is very important to make your website visually effective and appealing to users and this is why custom websites are built for a better and enjoyable user experience. Website development is far more effortless today with the outstanding platforms like WordPress, where one can start his own website without any coding knowledge. But as an entrepreneur it is beneficial to prefer custom web development which provides the competitive advantage over the generic website templates.

A custom website yields more ROI when compared with the premade templates because it is designed and developed by keeping the business objectives and target the audience generating more profit for your business. The other advantage of customising web pages is that they offer personalised experience based on their location and demographics, building more trust which tends the users to stay longer on your website and visit it on a regular basis. The main reason why digital marketers prefer custom built websites are they help the website to achieve better search engine rankings.

When to customise your website

As technology evolves day by day, a company’s web design also needs to be updated with new changes which meet your business goals. A business goal alone doesn’t depend on web redesigning but also on how the changes offer better user experience, easier management, better functionality and so on. 

Here we have mentioned few points were you can decide its the time for website redesigning:

  1. A good custom of web hygiene recommends a website redesign once every 2-3 years because technologies and designing’s in web develop very fast.
  2. When your website functionality does not meet your business needs like, when the originally created website does not support the required developments needed to be done. Then you can build a new website instead of developing your web page.
  3. If your product range does not meet reality by showing some changes of new products on your website substantially because of a lack of fresh information your website gets outdated and loses potential clients. The worst scenario is when you yourself don’t have the access to change them so select a positive and online active team who can make even simple changes to keep your site updated.
  4. When your competitor’s website is more functional, easier to use, better organised and modern then it’s the time for changes to your website because 70% of the purchase decisions are influenced by the business website.
  5. When your website is unorganised and poorly maintained with many broken links, 404 error pages and many other elements which are not working properly then you need to redesign or create a new site with CMS which makes it easy to update information and to add new pages by avoiding outdated content.
  6. Target on customers expectations and needs by checking your web analysis to determine the visitors common path by replacing a strong digital marketing team.
  7. Utilise your social channels as your main marketing channel in your website by adding the social buttons in each blog because social media is an excellent tool for developing customer relations and to promote your brand.
  8. Design your website with mobile-friendly features so that the increase in mobile trends invites more mobile visitors which can be converted into customers.
  9. Have a technical team who can help your website to rank in search engines with fresh content and organic technical elements like in choosing keywords and optimising pages for relevant keywords. 

How web development deals with customer support

Customer support is a valuable software product when developers have regular communication, they gain the much-needed unfiltered feedback on how their application is used in the real world. Many of us think that web development is only about programming codes but the truth is, web development is full of codes which are coded by working on the satisfaction of serving our clients.

A good web development is not based on good coding but on how a web development team responds to the client needs and anticipates them. The reason why a good web development team is required is, the client needs to build a trust who listens to their needs and understands them and translates into code. The developers should also inform the solutions or the envisions of the clients when it is wrong and what can be done in the future by discussing past similar projects. Always remember that a web developer should never take an order, work in isolation and deliver the final resulting product which may or may not meet the client’s requirements. Web development can be complex with large varying time estimates and unforeseen non-technical issues. In these situations, the developers should communicate proactively with the clients conveying both good and bad news.


Custom web development gives an all-round solution to the problem of the most prevalent security threats ensuring website infrastructure to protect from threats and also equipped with the recovery tools. The only thing which is required is the services of professional web development experts who meet the specific needs of your business and go through several tests to ensure whether it’s bug-free.